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Grace Baptist Church Ordains Corey Hancock

BATAVIA, N.Y.—Grace Baptist Church ordained its associate pastor, Corey Hancock, Oct. 14.

Preceding the ordination, a council consisting of 23 pastors and messengers representing 15 churches met on Oct. 11 at Grace Baptist Church to examine the candidate’s knowledge of Bible doctrines and his readiness for ministry. After 3-1/2 hours of questioning, the council voted unanimously to recommend to the church to proceed with Pastor Hancock’s ordination.

During a formal ordination service, Rev. Brandon Hancock, student ministries pastor of Starkey Road Baptist Church, Seminole, Florida, and brother to Corey, gave the charge to the candidate and the church. In addition to a framed ordination certificate, Rev. Corey Hancock received a commemorative sword, illustrating the essential components of the power of the Word and pastoral leadership in his life and ministry. A reception was held following the service.