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Fun in the Sun at Winter Games

GRETNA, Neb.—Summer games were a highlight of Winter Games, an annual youth event organized by the Nebraska Association of Regular Baptist Churches. Gretna Baptist Church hosted the event Jan. 28.

“I’m humored that we haven’t had significant snow the last several years for Winter Games, which is why we decided to have a summer theme,” says Shawn Rittmiller, pastor of Park Lane Baptist Church in Omaha.

In the cool 30 degrees with scant snow, almost 70 teens from 11 churches played variations of summer games: baseball, volleyball, and ultimate Frisbee. Pat Campbell, a missionary to Peru with Baptist Mid-Missions, challenged the teens from Romans 8:29 to be the real deal and reflect Jesus Christ. A trip to Mahoney State Park ended the daylong event, with students enjoying ice-skating and a play area.