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Free RBP Training Events Equip Churches’ Teachers

DECATUR, Ill.—Regular Baptist Press offered a half day of free training for Christian education teachers Aug. 26 at Riverside Baptist Church. The event followed an identical workshop that RBP held at Hampton Inn, Charleston, West Virginia, Aug. 19, for seven local churches. Committed to equipping ministry leaders with quality resources and instruction, RBP regularly holds training events, both in person and online, throughout the year.

Tony Randolph, business director, and Alan Wilson, U.S. field coordinator, led the workshops in Illinois and West Virginia, covering “10 Signs of a Quality Teacher,” “5 Key Components to a Healthy Small Group,” “7 Great Aims for Teacher,” and “Using Curriculum Successfully.” Each attendee received a free Regular Baptist Press Bible study and entered drawings for $150 credit toward RBP Sunday School curriculum and an It’s Grow Time children’s church kit.

Pastor Timothy Hahn II of Riverside Baptist says the training workshop is beneficial “because it equips the teacher to be more prepared in teaching the Word.” Part of being prepared to teach is learning to intentionally include discipleship in every lesson. “Teachers should look for ways to make connections with the parents and encourage them to talk about the material with them and give them something they can discuss with their kids,” Hahn says. “Discipleship of kids is incomplete without the parents. The teacher should make it a priority to come alongside the parents and spur them on to disciple their kids. The teacher is merely another voice in the child’s life.”