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‘Focus on Eternity’ Conference Encourages CARBC

MONTE SERENO, Calif.—“It is since Christians have largely ceased to think of the other world [Heaven] that they have become so ineffective.” With this quote from C. S. Lewis, Dr. David Crandall encouraged conference attendees to continually keep in mind Heaven and eternity.

Nearly 100 people from churches in California, Nevada, and Southern Oregon met for the Annual Bible Conference of the California Association of Regular Baptist Churches April 4–6 at First Baptist Community Church. Messages on the theme “Drawing Nearer” covered eschatological topics including eternity, Heaven, the Rapture, and angels.

“The most wonderful thing about Heaven is the presence of God!” Crandall says. “Our focus on eternity will give focus, hope, and importance in this life.”

Crandall has been in ministry for 50 years, serving as youth pastor, senior pastor, and director of Regular Baptist Press International (formerly called Gospel Literature Services). He is now international director for Answers in Genesis and chairman of the Association of Baptists for World Evangelism International.

“The host church did an extraordinary job, and Dr. David Crandall’s messages were a tremendous blessing. It was what we desire each of our annual conferences to be,” says Bruce McClain, CARBC representative.

In addition to valuable teaching from God’s Word, encouraging fellowship also marked the conference as attendees met with old friends and made new ones, including three pastors who are new to the California association. McLain says, “What I continually heard from those at the conference was the wonderful spirit of fellowship.”