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February 2015 E-Info: Good Ministry Stuff!

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e-info_thumbnailOMAHA! The site of the 2015 GARBC Conference. Why come to Omaha? Let me give you my top five impressions of this first-class city.

  1. The Old Market area is a fun collection of one-of-a kind restaurants and shops to explore within easy walking distance of the conference site.
  2. DoubleTree, the conference hotel, is a comfortable, full-service facility, allowing us to have the entire conference in one location. Ample parking is nearby. The hotel staff is pleasant and helpful.
  3. If you are planning to fly in, the Omaha Airport Authority is a short three miles from downtown.
  4. The area has a number of enjoyable tourist attractions.Omaha_thumb
  5. If Omaha is good enough for financial tycoon Warren Buffet to call home and quarterback Peyton Manning to use as his term when calling audibles, it has to be a good place.

I hope you will put this Midwest city on your end-of-June travel plans. Register for the 2015 GARBC Conference. See you in Omaha!

John Greening
GARBC National Representative

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