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December 2019 Bb Pulse: Keeping Christ Front and Center

Hello, friends,

It’s amazing to think that Christmas has become secularized in many ways. If we’re not intentionally focused on the glory of our Savior, we too could become secularized as well. Our strong doctrinal position is what keeps Christ front and center as we celebrate His incarnation and birth. This is more evidence that doctrine is what fuels our mission. We have a glorious Savior, Who is worthy of our praise and worship. I trust this Christmas season you will be enthralled with Him.

Mike Hess
GARBC National Representative

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Association Updates
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Ministry News

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  • Mark Johnson: Providing Financial Tools and Resources to Churches
  • Manning Brown: Endorsing Six Chaplains through Regular Baptist Chaplaincy
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  • Clare Jewell: Sparking Church Revitalization in Our Fellowship

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Improving Your Ministry Skills
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