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December 2017e-INFOMinistry Highlights

December 2017 E-Info: Together Assisting More!

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California wildfires are once again in the news. People’s lives have been affected. Property has been lost. As we watch the reports, our hearts go out to the victims and we are stirred to respond.

Our association of Regular Baptist Churches assists sister churches that experience loss. On the tails of financially helping hurricane victims from Texas and Florida churches, we received word that church members in Northern California have experienced the devastating loss of their homes due to wildfires. Read December’s E-Info to learn what your association is doing and how you can help these church members rebuild their lives and homes. Share from your abundance this Christmas!

Blessing others together,
John Greening, National Representative

Enjoy DECEMBER 2017 E-Info:

Being God’s Giver

  • Support a Deployed Chaplain through Prayer
  • Continue to Pray for the National Representative Search Committee

Association Updates

  • Christmas Gifting for Fire-Ravaged Homes
  • IPFBM All-Partners Conference: A Taste of Heaven!
  • Remembering Our Chaplains during Christmas
  • Financial Grants and Loans Given to Six Churches
  • Solid Growth for Kids4Truth Clubs
  • Council of 18 Meets on Churches’ Behalf
  • Regular Baptists Around the Country
  • Regular Baptist Ministries Team Itineraries

Improving Your Ministry Skills

  • Daily Advent Posts: Center on Christ!
  • Audio Legacy: Messages by Robert Gromacki and Joe Stowell III
  • Michigan State Association Messages on Audio


  • Thy Will Be Done: God’s Will vs. Your Desires
  • GARBC Church Directory Available in Digital Edition

E-Info, a GARBC newsletter, communicates information about association happenings, ministry development, church events, and service opportunities. Share your ministry-related information by contacting the GARBC Resource Center.