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Conference Encourages Men to Put Faith into Action

BELLEFONTAINE, Ohio—Each year on the first Saturday in March, First Baptist Church has the privilege of hosting men throughout Ohio to spur them on to a deeper relationship with the Lord. The event is the Men of God Conference, a one-day disciple-making event for men whose identity is in Christ, explains Mark Warren, pastor of music and adult ministries at First Baptist.

“We approach this event with the mind-set of a coach at halftime,” Warren says: “the game of life brings challenges and difficulties, ups and downs, for the Christian man; we want to encourage and admonish men to run the race well so as to receive the prize for the sake of bringing glory to Christ in every area of life.”

Ken Floyd, executive director of the Michigan Association of Regular Baptist Churches, spoke on the theme of being “Masterfully Motivated Men.” Seminar discussions in the form of a Q & A addressed the topic as well while giving the men practical action steps to take.

“Ours is not merely a faith of information,” Warren says. “Instead, ours is a faith that requires action. We trust in the Holy Spirit to use this event to shape men further into the image of Christ each year as they live for Him and for His glory.”