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Conference Addresses Christians’ Calling as Ambassadors of Heaven

Dr. Bert Wheeler, Dr. Mark Caleb Smith, and Dr. Jeff Haymond participate in a panel discussion during the Men of Conference.

BELLEFONTAINE, Ohio—Calvary Baptist Church hosted its Men of God Conference Feb. 29. The theme “For the Greater Kingdom” addressed Christians’ calling as citizens of Heaven though also citizens of earth. Attendees learned how the two concepts intersect, especially in a culture polarized by political agendas. Specifically, the conference asked, In the midst of a presidential race, how can we address our culture with the gospel of Jesus Christ while remaining unstained by the world’s rhetoric and insolence?

Cedarville University professors Dr. Mark Caleb Smith, Dr. Jeff Haymond, and Dr. Bert Wheeler spoke during the conference. Each of these men brings years of expertise while spurring on the church to greater awareness and action in culture for the sake of the gospel, says Mark Warren, pastor of music and adult ministries at Calvary Baptist.

“Being ambassadors of a greater Kingdom is a challenge while living in a world dominated by sin’s curse,” Mark says. “All too easily Christians can become enamored by the comfort of capitalism or the lure of liberty. But if we fix our eyes on the Author of salvation, we will run a race unencumbered by political agenda or gain and seek to proclaim the excellencies of Him Who called us out of darkness into His marvelous light (1 Peter 2:9).”

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