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Church Shows Appreciation for Law Enforcement

ALTON, Ill.—Much of what is reported in the media regarding law enforcement these days is negative and critical. Brown Street Baptist Church wanted to change that negative perception, at least for those who serve the church’s city.

“We have appreciated the officers of the Alton Police Department and the way they serve our community,” says Pastor Greg Linscott. “No one is perfect, but we have seen firsthand and heard from our neighbors how these men and women serving have made a conscious effort to not just mechanically fulfill their duties, but have established caring, personal relationships in the process. We thought that was worth noting. They deserve our recognition and support.”

Each of the over 60 people serving in the department received a personal envelope including a handwritten card, a gospel literature item, and a gift certificate to a local restaurant, paid for by generous donations from the church body. To offer further affirmation, the church compiled a video of individual church members expressing their thanks to the department and posted the video on social media.

Chief Jake Simmons was grateful for the expression of support. “I appreciate your support for the department,” he told the church. “In times like these it seems popular to forget about the positive things police do every day. I thank you again for thinking of us.”