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Church Prays for and Receives Five New Families

Baptism_inlineTRACY, Calif.—In a direct answer to prayer, Crossroads Baptist Church has added 12 new members, representing five new families.

This church plant has called three locations home since its beginning in 2005. The congregation first met in a house, then a school for several years, and now a children’s ministry center at another church since May 2015. About the same time the congregation began renting its current space, several core families moved out of Tracy due to job relocations. The church was left “quite small and seeking God’s will for direction,” says Susan Heinrich, wife of Pastor Tim Heinrich. Crossroads Baptist Church asked sister churches to pray with them for five new families. Susan says, “God has answered that prayer in abundant ways.”

Six of the 12 new members were baptized Sunday afternoon, May 22, in the Heinrichs’ pool. An additional six people joined the church at that evening’s service after sharing their testimonies of salvation and baptism. That Sunday afternoon, the Heinrichs’ backyard was full of Crossroads families, friends, and family members who came to witness the baptisms and hear the faith stories of the six individuals.

“The day was full of blessings as we heard how God has worked in diverse lives to join them together as the Body of Christ,” Susan says.

Tim and Becky were raised in Christian homes and baptized through sprinkling, but they recently came to the conviction that they needed to be baptized by immersion. They were drawn to Crossroads for that reason and because the church also offers help for their son who has autism.

Alison was raised in an atheist family who actively fought against Christianity, and she raised her daughter, Gaghan, with that same mind-set. God brought Alison and Gaghan to Crossroads as they were looking for a church program for their foster children to attend. “God has done a total life change in this mother and daughter,” Susan says. “They turned their lives over to Him and were ecstatic to share their public testimony Sunday and then post it on social media for all their friends and family to see.”

Brandon shared of his journey out of Mormonism. After studying the Bible, he came to understand that he was nothing before God and that he could do nothing to please Him that would earn his salvation from sin. Brandon is now burdened for the salvation of his parents and 10 siblings, many of whom are still in the Mormon church.

Teenagers Alex and Audra shared their testimonies of walking down the street to the Heinrichs’ garage in order to attend JOY Club, and both were saved at that program. Alex and Audra are now actively involved at Crossroads. Their parents joined the church that Sunday as well.

“This group of believers is on fire for the Lord, actively pursuing discipleship and seeking to reach their friends and family for Christ,” Susan says.

Crossroads Baptist Church is now asking its church family and friends to join its 9:38 Challenge, based on Matthew 9:38: “Therefore pray the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into His harvest.” The challenge asks people to stop at 9:38 each day and pray that God will send five more families in the next six months, to continue building His church and reach Tracy for Christ.