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Church Ministry Continues in Epicenter of Pandemic

Brian and Judy King (left) visit with Pastor Wilmyr and Lorna Mosqueda in August 2019.

ELMHURST, N.Y.—”Just Google ‘epicenter of the coronavirus’ right now, and you’ll likely see a photo of the hospital in Elmhurst, in the New York City borough of Queens,” says Brian King, associate director of the Northeast Fellowship.

In that epicenter is Exodus Fundamental Baptist Church, which joined the GARBC and the Northeast Fellowship in 2016. The congregation meets in a small rented space of a building in Elmhurst, less than half a mile from Elmhurst Hospital Center.

“Pastor Wilmyr Mosqueda leads this Flilipino-American church—and, as you can imagine, will benefit from your prayers during this pandemic,” Brian says. The congregation, too, needs prayer, as one person in the congregation has tested positive for COVID-19 and is in the hospital.

Wilmyr is a special education teacher at a public high school in Queens. He now teaches his classes online, as well as leads his church’s worship services and Bible studies online. “His wife, Lorna, still reports to school each day, as she has many students who are children of doctors and nurses,” Brian notes.

Wilmyr is thankful that his church can gather online to worship God and study His Word. He praises God that “whatever situations we’re in, God will always lead us to be able to find joy in worshiping Him together.”

Update: On April 19 the church member who had been hospitalized with COVID-19 shared in a video that he is now “on the road to a full recovery.” He thanks everyone who prayed for him and offered support. “My soul is singing praises to our awesome God,” he says. In that video Pastor Mosqueda and his church family thank people for praying with and for their church. “We have a faithful God,” the pastor says.