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Church Assists Local Police Department in Hosting Event

VERONA, Wis.—Memorial Baptist Church joined police programs across the country in hosting the National Night Out Against Crime. The church helped their local department by providing workers for the event, resulting in visible, tangible service to their community. The church ordered t-shirts with the church name and mission statement, “Love God. Love People. Serve the World.” Also, they assisted by helping to prep, serve, and clean up at the event. By partnering with local law enforcement, the church strengthened a relationship that they hope will aid their outreach efforts in the future. At the event, members were able to jump-start conversations regarding the church that might not have happened if they weren’t wearing a Memorial Baptist Church t-shirt and participating in such a visible way. As a result, one family has begun to attend the church on a regular basis. The church is already planning on working in the event next year.