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Church and Culture Conference Explores ‘Marginless Living’

WISCONSIN RAPIDS, Wis.—“God never designed you to be all things to all people all the time,” said Dr. Richard Swenson at the Annual Church and Culture Conference. Calvary Baptist Church hosted the conference April 1 for the Wisconsin Association of Regular Baptist Churches.

Swenson, a physician-researcher, best-selling author, and award-winning educator, spoke on “The Spiritual Cost of Marginless Living,” exploring the spiritual danger of embracing the prominent culture of living overloaded lives. He shared practical ways to create margin in the areas of physical and emotional energy, our time, and our finances so that we can be free to do God’s will.

One couple was especially challenged to reduce their possessions. “The idea that our things own us really makes sense. Some possessions are necessary, but we need to use wisdom to decide what is essential and be good stewards of our resources regarding time, finances, and energy.” Another attendee added that the seminar “opened me up to seeing that I was functioning at maximum capacity (overloaded living) and then strategizing how to solve that so that I had margin in my life to listen to God’s prompting instead of running head first into the next thing on my schedule.”