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Church Aims to Intentionally Reach All Generations

By March 18, 2015March 27th, 2015No Comments

SherervilleIN_inlineSCHERERVILLE, Ind.—”Diversity in the body of Christ is one of our greatest strengths and beauties,” says Pastor Phil Humber of Lake Hills Baptist Church. “But even a multigenerational or multiethnic church can still be segmented.” Lake Hills Baptist Church is multigenerational, but it desires to be more; it desires to be an intergenerational family of believers.

“This takes some intentionality, and we are always looking for practical ideas,” Humber says.

To reach their goal, Lake Hills Baptist Church found encouragement by reading Inter-generational Youth Ministry, a book by Regular Baptist Press author Mel Walker. And the church went a step further by carrying out a practical idea. Members sent care packages to its college-age young people, including those close to home, to let them know they are important to the church family and that members were thinking of them.

Members purchased basic necessities items and snacks. Then volunteers, including many of the church’s older members, packed everything into shoebox-size boxes and shipped them. “Everyone likes to be remembered, and the young people were certainly appreciative,” Humber says. “It was a simple idea and practical.”