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Christmas Feast for Church Members, Friends, and Homeless

By December 24, 2015No Comments

HackensackNJ1_inlineHACKENSACK, N.J.—First Baptist Church hosted a Christmas turkey dinner for not only its congregation, but also for members’ friends and homeless individuals in the area.

A big prep session took place the day before the event, with many people cooking dishes in their homes for the expected 250-plus guests. The next day, the guests (272 people attended) feasted and heard Interim Pastor Bill Park speak on John 3:1–20.

The event was the idea of member Barbara Kerrigan as a way to minister to the church family and reach people for the Lord. “She did a fantastic job along with many helpers from the church,” Park says.

“The celebration was wonderful and a blessing to all of us,” says member Jennifer Mercado.

First Baptist prayed specifically that eight people would join the family of God, and that day, nine people trusted Christ as their Savior.

“It was a wonderful day at FBC and we are looking forward to many more wonderful days of sharing the gospel in Hackensack, New Jersey,” Park says. “Our simple goal is to reach Hackensack, New Jersey, ‘one soul at a time.'”