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Chaplains Help Churches Think through Safety and Security

With a concern for public safety on the rise, Chaplain John Murdoch and Chaplain Laird Baldwin have formed a business enterprise to meet the growing need for emergency and safety awareness in churches.

“Chaplain Murdoch called me and asked if I would be interested in joining with him as a business partner in presenting seminars on church safety and security,” Baldwin says. “We decided to form the partnership to advise churches on those safeguards.”

Through Church Strong Consultants LLC, Murdoch and Baldwin travel to churches to conduct a seminar that teaches preparation, awareness, response, and teamwork. Participants learn how to evaluate buildings and grounds (even their own) for safety and security; how to spot problem people and red-flag circumstances; how to respond to violent situations, as well as medical and weather-related emergencies; and how to assemble a crisis response team.

For their immediate use and future reference, participants receive the 64-page manual Thinking through Church Security. The six- to seven-hour training seminar is affordably priced, with budget-conscious churches and new congregations in mind.

Murdoch (DMin, Great Plains Divinity School) and Baldwin (DMin, Louisiana Baptist Theological Seminary) are experienced pastors, law enforcement chaplains endorsed by Regular Baptist Chaplaincy, and crime prevention specialists certified by the Ohio Crime Prevention Association. Their unique roles enable them to evaluate a church’s safety and security needs with a pastor’s understanding and perspective.

Interested churches can learn more and contact Murdoch and Baldwin at