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Camps across Country Meet for Conference

MILLERSBURG, Ohio—Camps across the country convened Nov. 3–7 for the National Association of Regular Baptist Camps conference. Skyview Ranch hosted the event, ending just three days before the camp suffered a devastating fire.

Skyview Ranch says that hosting the conference was an exciting opportunity. The conference served as a refreshing getaway for the camps’ staff and their families, allowing them not only to connect with other camps and attend valuable times of teaching but also to enjoy the activities of Skyview Ranch and visit Amish tourist destinations in Holmes County.

Workshops addressed the specialty areas of maintenance, food service, programming, and leadership and introduced the new Camp Directors Initiative, a program designed to train and encourage future camp directors. Speaking during chapel sessions on “The DNA of Discipleship,” Mike Hess, GARBC national representative, challenged attendees in their own walk with Jesus.

“Overall, the workshops and general sessions were a great way to sharpen skills, share best practices for camp ministry, and discuss experiences with other professionals in camping ministry,” says Jon Beight, executive director of Twin Lakes Camp and Conference Center, Hillsboro, Indiana.

The last night of the conference included a fundraising auction. The proceeds, about $4,500, will benefit a camp director who has cancer and was unable to attend the conference.

Skyview Ranch thanks “everyone who came from camps far and wide to encourage one another, learn from each other, and praise the Lord together for all the wonderful things He is doing in camp ministry.”

The camp also thanks the many people who have prayed and offered support after the fire on Nov. 10, which destroyed the dining hall and office. “This ministry isn’t built or defined by stuff but by people who are committed to giving Him glory in all things and at all times,” the camp says. “We know that the Lord is still working and is in control.”