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Brown Street Baptist Welcomes Mike Hess to Speak at Drive-in Service

ALTON, Ill.—GARBC National Representative Mike Hess was privileged to preach at an outdoor worship service of Brown Street Baptist Church May 31. Mike preached while standing on a flatbed truck trailer in a parking lot full of vehicles at the downtown Alton Farmers’ & Artisans’ Market.

The church has been meeting each Sunday for drive-in services rather than in its building out of caution for the health and safety of the church’s members and community. Since Brown Street’s parking area is spread across three lots, the church meets in the parking lot of the farmers’ market.

Mike shared from Philippians 4:10–13 that the power of Christ is our only hope of true contentment in a culture that encourages so much discontentment. He says that God gave the congregation “an absolutely beautiful day and a great spirit of worship, fellowship, and eagerness to be fed from the Word.”