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Christa Mielke speaks at Grace Baptist Church, Austin, Minn.

AUSTIN, Minn.—Grace Baptist Church hosted a women’s conference called “Broken Yet Blessed.”

Learning from God’s Word together, the women explored the hope that God offers for broken lives.

“What do you do when the God you thought you knew seems to have fundamentally changed?” asks Christa Mielke. “What do you do when your world falls apart and your faith seems to bottom out and it’s in a free fall?”

Christa serves alongside her husband, Dan, pastor of Grace Baptist Church. Joining her in speaking Sept. 17–18 was Carol Trahan, who holds an MA in Biblical counseling.

When our lives feel broken, our grief and turmoil might be all we can see and feel.

“We discredit and we discount and dismiss the truly amazing gifts and works and wonders of our God,” Christa says.

“If we look to ourselves for our understanding of God and circumstances, we will bottom out every time.” But if we look to Scripture to study Who God is, the character of God will sustain us. We can rest in our unchanging God.