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Bible Translation Blessed with Full Funding

CASS CITY, Mich.—First Baptist Church took on a special project to commemorate its 135th anniversary: raising funds for the translation of the New Testament for the people of Luxembourg. No translation of the Bible currently exists in their language. First Baptist was able to give $10,000, greatly helping the project meet its goal of $45,768.

“We are so excited about this translation and what it will mean to the souls in Luxembourg,” says Pastor David Hill. “Continued prayer is needed for the sister church in Luxembourg, Christian Community Church, as they seek the Lord for an additional $25,000 for the printing and distribution of the New Testaments. . . . God’s Spirit is working in an interesting way in the hearts, minds, and culture of Luxembourg at this time, preparing the people to receive the Word of God in their own language!”

In a similar endeavor, Regular Baptist International is partnering with people in Thailand, Burma, and India to help them translate Regular Baptist Press Sunday School materials into their national or tribal language. In addition, Pastor Prasad Sakile of India is translating Dr. Paul Jackson’s book The Doctrine and Administration of the Church into Telugu. Learn more about these projects and how to donate: Curriculum Translation Work, and Dr. Jackson’s Book into Telegu for India.