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Bible Minor Class Videos Available for Free Online

CEDARVILLE, Ohio—Cedarville University is now making the courses from its Bible minor program available online at no charge. The first course, Old Testament Literature taught by Dr. Chris Miller, is currently online.

Cedarville’s Bible minor consists of five classes: The Bible and the Gospel, Old Testament Literature, New Testament Literature, Theology 1 and Theology 2. Every undergraduate at Cedarville is required to earn the Bible minor.

“We want to put our Bible minor online as a ministry for the church, a ministry to parents and for transparency in recruiting,” said Dr. Thomas White, president of Cedarville University.

Many Christians have never had the privilege of studying the Bible in an academic setting, White continued. The Bible minor will allow church leaders to have foundational teaching of the Bible, while prospective students will have the opportunity to preview what Cedarville teaches. The online Bible minor will also allow parents to learn alongside their students and feel confident sending their children to Cedarville University.

Miller has taught Old Testament Literature at Cedarville University for 28 years. Old Testament is one of the highest-ranked classes at Cedarville and one that many alumni view as a favorite.

”The Old Testament Literature course marries passionate worship with strong academics in a God honoring way,” Miller said. This is an impactful approach to learning the Bible. Instead of looking at the Bible as an ancient history book or just as a devotional study, Bible minor classes incorporate the importance of finding a healthy balance, Miller noted.

White explained, “It will take time, but eventually the entire Bible minor will be online for free to those interested.”

In addition to teaching Old Testament courses at Cedarville, Miller is the author of a commentary on Matthew in the forthcoming New Testament Exposition Commentary series from Regular Baptist Press.

Dr. Jeremy Kimble’s Theology 1 class will be the next class available online.

Angela Farlow is a student public relations writer at Cedarville University.