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At Home with Dave and Darlene Murdoch

COLUMBUS, Ohio—For more than 50 years Dave and Darlene Murdoch have traveled across the country to give concerts, with the couple singing and Dave preaching. Now, with a stay-at-home order instated in Ohio, they treated their neighbors to a concert from the couple’s lawn.

“We talked with our subdivision homeowner’s association to ask if we needed special permission to do a concert for our neighbors,” Dave says. “They approved it as long as we kept a 6 foot safe distance.”

So Darlene created invitations, inviting her neighbors to a 20-minute concert of hymns and Scripture. On the day of the concert, the afternoon of April 4, Dave and Darlene set up the sound system in their driveway and began singing “Amazing Grace.” Neighbors sat on their porches or in their driveways; others stood across the street from the Murdochs’ house or on the couple’s lawn.  “We had a wonderful time sharing Jesus with them,” Dave says.

“When the concert was over,” Dave says, “one of the men called from across the street, ‘Aren’t you going to pray for us?’ so I lifted up our neighbors before the Lord in prayer. We look forward to continue reaching out using different avenues during this COVID-19 time.”

In addition to traveling with Darlene, Dave serves with Regular Baptist Chaplaincy as a police and sheriff’s department chaplain in Westerville, Ohio, and recently retired from his role as a hospital chaplain in Mount Carmel, Ohio.