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April 2016 E-Info: The A-List!

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e-info_thumbnailHello, friend,

At one time in a past galaxy, church leaders and members had only one or two conferences per year from which to choose. Today, a wide variety of conferences are available, as evidenced in this E-Info alone. Conferences help you think about your faith and about how to do ministry more effectively. You can’t get to all the conferences, but you can choose to attend those worthy of your time and resources. The GARBC Conference merits your top consideration. During four days at the end of June, good preaching, worship, learning, and fellowship will be available to you and each family member. Make the GARBC Conference high on your list!

God bless you.
John_Signature                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  John Greening
Regular Baptist Churches National Representative


Enjoy APRIL 2016 E-Info:

Being God’s Giver

  • Military Chaplains in Deployment
  • Prayer Request: Churches with Building Needs
  • Apologetics Project: Joyful Defense
  • Church Devastated by Fire

Association Updates: April 2016

  • 2016 GARBC Conference: Register Early for Discount
  • An Invitation to Lunch
  • Preconference Module: Messianic Theme in Old Testament
  • Council of Eighteen Nominations Submissions by State
  • GARBC Team Itineraries
  • Regular Baptists around the Country

Improving Your Ministry Skills

  • Prophecy Up Close Conference
  • Minister’s Enrichment Day
  • Creation, Apologetics, and End-Time Prophecy Conference
  • Baptist Network Northwest Ministry Conference with Larry Osborne
  • Ohio Church Ministries Conference: Unshaken
  • Church and Culture Conference
  • Creation Seminar
  • Conference on Ministry and Money
  • Evangelism and Discipleship Seminar
  • Theology and Practice of Evangelism Conference


  • Worry-free Living: New RBP Women’s Bible Study
  • An Anniversary Celebration Invitation
  • LYFE Women’s Conference
  • Missionary Home for Rent

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