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A Heartbeat for the Hungry and Homeless

Hungry_inlineWASHINGTON, Iowa—Prairie Flower Baptist Church is quite literally located in the middle of a cornfield, but its people have a huge heart for the mission and glory of God.

The church’s mission and vision are simple: “to be a strong church that makes disciples for the glory of God.” To that end, says Pastor Dave Cotner, Prairie Flower Baptist is constantly seeking creative and viable solutions to build bridges into its community so that the saving message of Jesus Christ might go out and be heard, understood, and (God-willing) received.

One of those creative outreach solutions came in the form of packaging 2,000 meals to feed the hungry in the church’s community. This was accomplished in just under two hours with the helping hands of about 30 volunteers from the church, led by Associate Pastor Jon Rocha and members Brian and Nancy Wilson.

“We have such a heartbeat for the hungry and homeless in our community,” Cotner says. “We desire to see them born again, but we need to reach them with the practical love of Jesus Christ first.”