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Voices Raised

By February 17, 2012July 16th, 2014No Comments

When we think of worshiping God, one of the immediate things that comes to mind is raising our voices in song.

Significant occasions in history and throughout our lives are often marked with special songs that capture the emotions, feelings, and thoughts of the moment. A song captures the thankful exuberance we feel toward God at a time of celebration, whether we’re celebrating His birth or His resurrection, or a milestone in our own lives like salvation, baptism, graduation, or marriage. A song captures our appreciation for the comfort and guidance God gives during difficult times, such as when we have a tough decision to make or when someone close to us has a health struggle or passes away.

Using our talents to glorify God not only during significant times, but in everyday events, allows us to express ourselves, brings joy to our Lord, and encourages those around us. Talents For Christ encourages the development and use of talents in this way. Get involved or encourage teens in your church to get involved! Even if you don’t sing, there are a plethora of categories that all are aimed at worshiping and serving God.