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Variety of Activities Captivates N.Y. Youth

Cookout at New York Gathering

BREESPORT, N.Y.—As a national champion in the Decathlon and captain in the United States Marines, Mike Riddle from Answers in Genesis kept the attention of the 265 young people as he interwove science, creation, and Bible challenges during his two-hour powerpoint presentation. The teens acquired a crash course on how to defend their faith, along with how to stand up and be a strong Christian.

The four-hour “Gathering,”  as it is called, took place on Saturday, August 21 at Breesport Baptist Church. In addition to the messages by Riddle, singing, videos, crazy games, cookout, and great opportunity for young people to fellowship with 30 other youth groups occurred. Many of the youth and their leaders took advantage of purchasing DVDs or books from the  Answers in Genesis book table.

Praise the Lord for this yearly gathering of young people and the chance of getting “refocused” on the goal of living and witnessing for Christ as they return to their schools.