WESTWOOD, Kan.—Selecting good friends, using the right speech, and making wise decisions are competencies that every parent would like his/her child to possess. During RBP’s Impact Parenting Seminar, over 60 parents from the Kansas City area learned how to use the book of Proverbs to teach their children principles for living successful godly lives. Seminar teachers John and Daria Greening led the parents in the interactive seminar, based on the RBP resource Impact Parenting: Equipping Children to Navigate Life. Host pastor Bruce Anderson of  Olivet Baptist Church, Westwood, Kan., was so committed to seeing parents in Olivet Baptist receive training that he provided scholarships to parents, which enabled many to attend. As parents and grandparents enjoyed lunch, they traded parenting stories and discussed concepts they had learned in the morning sessions. Before returning to the afternoon instruction, parents browsed through resources at the RBP book table and asked questions of RBP Regional Manager Ross Martello. At the end of the seminar, one parent commented, “I appreciated the willingness to open the discussion up to real issues with which families and the culture are struggling.” Another expressed,  “I valued the Scriptures that were brought out and that I could make a plan for instruction.” Churches wanting to investigate the possibility of hosting an Impact Parenting Seminar may contact GARBC administrative team member, Michael Nolan.