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Pray for Pastor and Val Silverberg’s Son

By February 25, 2011July 16th, 2014No Comments

Jonah Silverberg, infant son of Pastor Marty and Val Silverberg, has severe medical issues. Marty and Val are missionaries with Baptist Mid Missions and pastor and wife of Commonwealth Community Baptist Church, Bronx, NY.  Marty provides the following update and expresses his appreciation for prayer:

“Tests revealed Jonah’s Pulmonary veins, those that were rerouted 7 weeks ago and attached to his heart, are collapsing. Thus, when off the ventilator, he cannot breathe. Doctors told Val that it is only a matter of time before they completely collapse, and he will die. How much time is not known. We still hold out hope. We hope the surgeon who did the operation will still have one more option to try. We hope the Lord will have one more miracle for us. Thank you for your continued prayers.”