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Pray for Cindy Stumme, Chaplain’s wife

By December 6, 2010July 16th, 2014No Comments

Cindy Stumme, wife of Army CH (MAJ) Jack Stumme, is receiving treatment for leukemia through the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota.

Chaplain Stumme writes, “Please continue to pray for us to demonstrate the love and grace of Christ as we walk through this trial.  Cindy’s prognosis of Chronic Hairy Cell Leukemia was much better than what we first were told it probably was (Acute Leukemia).  However, this will still be a trying time over the next 50+ days as Cindy receives treatment, recovers from the Chemotherapy, waits to see if the treatment was effective, and if it was, then to wait for her immune system to build back up.  Please also pray for our kids.  We talk to them daily and they are doing well.  Still, this situation has shocked us but continues to move us closer to God’s throne for strength. “