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New Year’s Resolution: Maximize Your Talents!

By January 21, 2014July 16th, 2014No Comments
A new year frequently brings resolutions—read through the Bible in a year, diet, exercise. Make competing in Talents For Christ your resolution. You will maximize your talents and have an eternal impact. Talents For Christ encourages students to develop their talents by practicing and through the feedback they receive throughout the process. Peer review, mentoring from a coach, and ultimately the competition all work together to help students become more efficient in using their talents for the Lord. Church ministry requirements that are part of the competition help students realize how they can integrate their talents and interests into the ministry of the church. Utilizing more seasoned individuals for mentoring creates intergenerational collaboration, which strengthens and encourages both individuals and the church. Getting the whole youth group involved creates cohesion and encourages spiritual growth as a group. Be part of Talents For Christ and maximize how your talents are used in serving God! Register today.