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Fair Haven, Kansas City, Celebrates 60th

By October 29, 2010July 16th, 2014No Comments

KANSAS CITY, Kans.—Fair Haven Baptist Church celebrated its 60th anniversary with a special service and a luncheon following. Testimonies and praise highlighted the day, as current and former members joined to rejoice over what God has done since the congregation’s inception in 1950. Also joining the festivities was a former pastor, Douglas Wise, who pastors Airport Boulevard Baptist Church, Aurora, Colo. Many photos could be viewed during the celebration, along with past annual budgets, policy papers, incorporation papers, and church bulletins from 1951–1956.

Fair Haven began in the living room of one of the charter members after a group of members from another Baptist church left when they realized that what the preacher was preaching was not Biblical. Fair Haven was the second church to receive a grant from the GARBC’s Baptist Builders Club.

The church’s motto, “Preaching Christ and Answering the Call, ” is a reminder that believers are called to preach the Word of God in its entirety and to preach the gospel to the world in which we have been called to be salt and light. Fair Haven Baptist Church believes that the best years are yet to come.