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Alaska Group Ministers in Chicago

KODIAK, Alaska—Teens from Berean Baptist Church have traveled 3,000 miles for a week of work at Pacific Garden Mission in Chicago. The church of about 160 people is located on Kodiak Island, off the southwest coast of Alaska. Youth Pastor Matthew Perez says the students began raising money last December, organizing work projects such as babysitting, moving a church member to a new house, moving a church member’s local business from one warehouse to another, landscaping, building a rock wall, and ditch digging. In addition to raising money for trip expenses, the students reserved $1,000 for supplies purchased in Chicago after the group arrived. “We got a list of most used items and then hit Sam’s Club,” says Perez, who guided the teens in purchasing 400 pounds of sugar, 105 pounds of potatoes, 50 pounds of onions, 108 pounds of macaroni noodles, produce, and other supplies. After delivering the donations to Pacific Garden Mission, the students kept busy during the week by serving and preparing food, working in the greenhouse, distributing food through PGM’s community “Bread of Life” ministry, reorganizing the stock room, and leading a noon chapel service. Pacific Garden Mission assists an average of 650 homeless people each day, who receive help and attend daily gospel services. The organization served 38,392 plates of food, gave away 70,000 clothing items, and treated 444 patients in a free medical/dental clinic.
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