Camo Wedding

Another question: Would you allow a camo wedding?


The summer wedding season is almost upon us, so this week on The Quest we are going to focus on questions and issues related to wedding ceremonies. I’m starting this off by asking the following questions and providing our church’s policy for each one.

1. Whom will you marry, or whom will you allow to get married at your church building? Must they be members? Must they be believers?

Our church’s wedding policy states, “Weddings at Grandview Park Baptist are a part of the life of our church. It is the church as a community, involved in the life of the couple being married, which affirms the couple’s decision. Since a wedding is performed in the context of the life of our church, only members or regular attendees of at least a period of six months may be married at Grandview Park Baptist.”

2. Do you require those whom you will marry to undergo premarital counseling?

Yes, we require premarital counseling.

3. Are there any other requirements for couples desiring to get married at your church?

Our church’s wedding policy states, “To begin the pre-marital process, the couple should contact the church in order to schedule a time for an initial interview. The Wedding Information Packet will be sent to you in preparation for your interview. At this meeting the Wedding Information Packet will be discussed, appropriate counseling material will be assigned, and counseling appointments will be scheduled. A date may be secured on the church calendar only after the initial interview with the Senior Pastor and the pre-marital counseling has been completed and the wedding approved. All completed Wedding Information Packet agreements and all fees must also be turned in to the church office to secure the date.”

What about your church? How would you answer these questions?