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My top 8 suggestions about outdoor church signs

Have one! The name of the church in big letters on the side of the building isn’t enough. An attractive sign out near the road is a great visibility tool.

Place it perpendicular to the road—not parallel to it. Actually, the best place is on a slight angle facing those who drive by on either side. A sign parallel to the road is harder to read and not visible from down the street.

Make sure the lettering is big enough. I can’t tell you how many church signs I have seen with letters so small only pedestrians can read them. Be sure all the letters can be read by those driving by, without having to stop and pull over.

Illuminate it! Spotlighting is good. Backlighting is better. LED signs are expensive but are the best for visibility and changeability.

Maintain it! There’s no excuse for signs with peeling paint or lettering that is faded and falling off. Not to mention the message that weeds and overgrown grass surrounding a sign communicate to potential visitors.

Include the times of services. Yes, your people know the times of the services, but those driving by probably don’t. Some people stake out a new church before coming for the first time and will benefit from knowing the times of the services.

Share appropriate info. I’m generally not a big fan of cute sayings on church signs, but concise, inviting facts about special ministries and events can create interest in your activities.

Keep it up to date. If the times of the services have changed, be sure to inform the sign. I heard of one church that kept the previous pastor’s name on their sign—and he’d been gone for two years. (Maybe they were hoping he’d come back!) Remember: news that’s even a week old is too old.

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