Jesus Story GraphicLike many of you, I plan out my preaching calendar for the year and typically I rotate between preaching through a book of the Bible and then the occasional topical series in between. But what do you do when those “interruptions” like Easter and Christmas roll around? 

Sometimes I just keep preaching through the series I’m currently working through and will give acknowledgement to the special day through some sort of special music or event in the service. Other times, like this year, I am interrupting my preaching series with a series titled, “The Jesus Story.” Two years ago I preached a series in December titled, “The Story of Light.” During Easter, however, I have not preached a series leading up to Easter, but I almost always give a Resurrection themed message on Easter morning.

I’d like to hear from you. If you are a preacher, what do you typically do during those special events like Easter and Christmas? If you are not a preacher, you might be able to give us an even better perspective. What do you prefer? Do you like it when a preacher adjusts his preaching schedule to give attention to Easter and Christmas, or do you find it more beneficial for the pastor to keep preaching through his given series?

Give me your feedback . . .