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Thinking about the Future

Al Mohler spoke about the future of the Southern Baptist Convention. While obviously specific to SBC issues, there is much that someone trying to reach this generation should think through. He likens the SBC to both General Motors and the large mall.


“Controversy produces the necessity of becoming clear.”  —in regards to theology

“If you find the right theological identity, you’ll find the right missiological logic.”

He puts issues for the future into this dichotomy:

  • missiological vs. beaurocratic
  • tribal vs. theological
  • convictional vs. confused
  • secular vs. sectarian
  • younger vs. dead
  • more diverse vs. diminished
  • missional vs. methodological
  • strategic vs. anemic
  • more bold vs. more boring
  • happy vs. bitter

You can find the video here.

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