By Daniel Hartwig

Are you dealing with someone who insists that the King James Bible is the only valid Bible translation for churches to use today? One of the most powerful arguments I have come across is the statements of the original translators of the KJV found in the original preface to the KJV Bible. These are the very men whom the KJV-only people idolize, and the translators’ own words undermine the very position that their followers support.

You see, the King James version was once a “new” translation as well, and the translators seek to justify the need for a new translation using some of the very arguments so despised by the KJV-only supporters today. Detroit Baptist Seminary Journal has published an excellent examination of this preface in light of the KJV-only controversy. It is enlightening in exposing the weak arguments of the KJV-only position. Read it for yourself and tell me what you think.

Daniel Hartwig is pastor of Calvary Baptist Church, Dysart, Iowa