From major metropolitan centers to rural back-road hamlets, America is becoming increasingly multiethnic. Accompanying this increasing demographic reality are churches’ attempts to Biblically respond and think through issues related to multiethnic ministry. On Nov. 2 and 3 churches from a wide spectrum of evangelicalism will gather for a Multi-ethnic Church Conference, a prelude to the National Outreach Convention, which will follow. This conference marks a departure from the church-growth model that centered on homogeneous principle. I believe this is a needed and Biblical change.

We need to think more about multiethnic ministry in our Regular Baptist circles. I was encouraged to participate this week in the Illinois-Missouri Association of Regular Baptist Churches Fall meetings hosted by Village Baptist Church of Aurora, Ill. The conference centered on multiethnic ministry with the theme “From Many . . . One.” You can listen to the conference messages at It was a stirring and thought-provoking conference. I hope this focus will continue to increase within our fellowship.

What are your thoughts? How are you seeking to develop a multiethnic focus to your ministry? What questions do you have regarding multiethnic ministry? Let’s share and learn together.