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Secrets to Living Well on One Income

ELLIE KAY,  Moody Publishers, 170 Pages, Paper, $12.99

This book is a practical resource for individuals or families who are finding it difficult to make ends meet. Ellie Kay, known as “America’s Family Financial Expert,” is a best-selling author and founder of seminars known as Shop, Save, & Share. Prior to her public ministry as writer, radio commentator, and consumer educator, she was a stock broker.

Ellie Kay provides an array of suggestions, insights, and advice—all with a Christian challenge and perspective. She points out that the savings accrued from taking wise steps should be used to help others, not merely to accumulate for self. If readers would implement even some of the many techniques in this book, they would likely be amazed at how easily a person can be financially successful, even living on one income.

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