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Book Review: A Systematic Theology of Biblical Christianity, Vol. 1

ROLLAND McCUNE, Detroit Baptist Theological Seminary,
443 Pages, Paper, $15.99

Quite a number of systematic theology works exist, but this one will especially interest fundamentalists, as the producer is of our persuasion. Dr. McCune, professor of systematic theology at Detroit Baptist Theological Seminary since 1981, is well qualified to handle such an undertaking. This first volume is already available, the second volume will be released later this year, and the series will be completed in 2010. The publisher believes that the series will greatly benefit pastors, educators, missions leaders, ministerial students, and other Christian leaders in the local church.

This first volume provides an excellent introduction to systematic theology, defining the discipline and giving some history. The remainder of volume 1 covers the doctrine of Scripture (with a section on the dispensations), the doctrine of God (existence, self-revelation, personality, attributes, unity and tri-unity, and universe), and the doctrine of angels. After these treatments come three valuable indexes—Scripture, person, and subject.

This work is inexpensive, readable, thorough, and well organized. Footnotes are in small type, which may be a challenge to some, but the footnotes appear on the same pages as the material they support, so the reader doesn’t have to go hunting elsewhere.

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