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Video Testimonies of Baptism Candidates

By January 25, 2007June 19th, 2014No Comments
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During baptismal services our church shows the testimonies of baptismal candidates on video. As the believer enters the water, screens in the front of the auditorium show the believer giving his or her testimony. Some young Christians struggle with giving a testimony in front of a congregation, but they are not as reluctant to share their testimony in front of a camera.

We purchased a quality video camera and a photographer’s backdrop. On the video a pastor interviews each candidate, asking about his or her salvation and reasons for getting baptized. Then the video is edited before its public use. The video allows the congregation to see each believer up close and to hear his or her testimony.
Often those getting baptized invite their families and friends for this special occasion. The testimonies of these new Christians do a great job of sharing the gospel with their guests.The video testimonies have become one of the highlights of our baptismal services.

Brad Quick, Pastor
First Baptist Church of Elyria
Elyria, Ohio