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Reaching Unchurched Mothers

By June 25, 2005June 19th, 2014No Comments
Women’s Ministries

The women of Piecemakers, our church’s ladies’ quilting group, use their love of quilting to make baby quilts, not only for babies in our church, but also for babies born outside the church family. As a practical demonstration of God’s love, the Piecemakers receive names of unchurched mothers in the community, and then they craft quilts for those mothers-to-be. A label on the back of each quilt indicates that it has been made for one of God’s special creations as a gift from the Piecemakers of Trinity Baptist Church. On the front of each quilt is a heart to show that it is a gift of love. The group keeps a picture of each quilt with the name of the recipient so the group can remember the individual in prayer at its regular meetings. This labor of love has led to wonderful witnessing opportunities. The Piecemakers’ ministry is one way the church can live out the truth of Matthew 5:16 in the community.

Brad Pellish, Pastor
Trinity Baptist Church
Alma, Michigan