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Picturing the Flow of Scripture

By July 16, 2008June 19th, 2014No Comments

It is always a challenge to get kids to see “the big picture” of God’s working throughout Biblical history. The Hero of each Bible story—whether it’s David and Goliath, Noah and the ark, or Jonah and the whale—is God. So when we recently revamped our Children’s Sunday School, we sought to give our children a glimpse into the story of God’s working.

We chose to use artwork to present the story. We approached the artwork as hieroglyphics, so the majority of the pictures are one-tone stick-figure portrayals of Biblical characters. Even in their simplicity, the stories depicted can be a challenge to figure out. We see this challenge as a plus. Why? Because children will ask parents, and parents will ask other parents, and Bible-based conversations will happen!

We loved using the hieroglyphic wall drawings as an expression of Biblical times, but we also chose to use a different style of artwork to cause several key Bible stories to “leap off the wall” in living color. Together, the depictions serve as an Old Testament timeline that culminates in a stick figure John the Baptist (the final Old Testament prophet) standing by a river proclaiming, “Behold” and pointing to the cross-shaped keyhole on a beautiful, overflowing treasure chest. All of the these stories point to our ultimate treasure, Jesus Christ, “in whom are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge” (Col. 2:3).

Our hope is that children will come every Sunday to Sunday School, which we have named Discovery Island, to explore their treasure map (the Bible), which will lead them to life’s greatest treasure (our Lord Jesus Christ!).

Jeremy Thomas, Music Pastor
Faith Baptist Church
Amherst, Ohio