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Observations during Interim Ministries

By February 11, 2008June 19th, 2014No Comments

A well-respected and loved veteran pastor, Joe Bower, has spent the latter portion of his ministry career in helping churches during times between pastors. He offers the following overview of 1 Corinthians and shares his observations garnered during his interim pastoral work.

Eleven subjects the apostle Paul dealt with in the church at Corinth
1. Carnal membership (Chapter 1)
2. Fornication (Chapter 2)
3. Christians going to law (Chapter 6)
4. Proper marriage relationships (Chapter 7)
5. Idolatry (Chapter8)
6. Apostolic rights (Chapter 9)
7. Christian liberty (Chapter 10)
8. Lord’s Supper (Chapter 11)
9. Tongues (Chapter 14)
10. Resurrection (Chapter 15)
11. Stewardship (Chapter 16)

Pastor Bower’s list of characteristics of churches in decline
• Entertainment replaces evangelism.
• Personal preferences replace Biblical imperatives.
• Prosperity gospel replaces “God shall supply all our needs.”
• Worldliness replaces “love not the world.”
• Humanism replaces holiness.
• Social acceptance replaces spiritual separateness.
• Egocentric leadership replaces “being led by the Spirit.”
• Legislative leadership replaces loving leadership.
• Cultural correctness replaces Christian conviction.
• Contemporary programs replace traditional worship.
• Materialism replaces missionary vision.
• New Age movement replaces the necessity of the new birth.
• Immorality replaces, “Blessed are the pure in heart.”
• Divorce replaces “till death do us part.”
• Homosexuality replaces God’s perfect design of one man, one woman in marriage.
• The seekers’ church replaces the spiritual church.
• Contemporary religious music replaces psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs.
• Casual attire replaces dignity and respect.

Joe Bower, Pastor
Davidson, Michigan