bb-incopy-lego.jpgChildren at our church enjoyed a LEGO My Eggo activity and meal. We divided the children into three groups according to LEGO skill level. For the first couple of hours, the children with help from their parents built animals for Noah’s ark, train layouts, and even a sports car or two. After an hour of small building challenges, they were allowed to build whatever they wanted, with some of the children demonstrating their interesting imaginations. During the last hour, the children enjoyed Eggo waffles with various toppings. (Eggo makes LEGO shaped waffles, by the way.) Sausage and scrambled eggs were part of the menu, as well as LEGO shaped candies and fruit snacks. At the end of the day, the church held a drawing for the LEGO kits.

Nat Kealen, Youth Pastor
Germantown Hills Baptist Church
Metamora, Illinois