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GARBC Literature Items Available

By October 1, 2007June 19th, 2014No Comments

The Regular Baptist Resource Center often receives requests from individuals desiring to obtain the Association’s Literature Items. These historical documents, written by former leaders of the GARBC, discuss issues that brought the GARBC into being, defining the Association’s beliefs, practices, and polices. The Literature Items are reprints of Associational actions, sermons, and articles that helped to define the GARBC’s core values.

Pastors distribute Literature Items in new members’ classes or place the brochures in racks in the church lobby. You may order three Literature Item brochures from RBP (1-800-727-4440), Biblically Separate: Choosing Alliances Wisely by Paul Jackson (RBP5052), Fundamentally Sound: Understanding our Faith (RBP5047): and Baptist Distinctives: Are They Important to You? (RBP 5046)

Other Literature Item downloads are available at (see “about us”—Historical Literature).