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God Space: Naturally Creating Room for Spiritual Conversations, a book by Doug Pollock, offers suggestions for everyday opportunities to open conversations. The following conversation idea has been a great tool for my husband and me to use while dining out.

When the server brings your food, casually mention that it is your custom to thank God for the food before you eat. Then ask the server if there is anything in his/her life that you can pray for as well. At this moment, be prepared for an expression that communicates, “Let me process what you just said,” or “Are you for real?” or “WOW!”

Servers may share requests such as the following that we have received:

• “Pray for my dad, as he lost his job last year.”
• “My mom is working full-time, my best friend is homeless, and we are trying to adopt her three-year-old daughter.”
• “This may sound silly, but I’m scheduled to get a tooth pulled tomorrow.”
• “I have to pay to cover my deductible for the year, and I don’t know if I can afford it since my boss cut my hours today.”

While you are eating your meal, your server may return to your table to share more of his/her life since you have shown a personal interest. When leaving, a good practice is to leave a gospel tract with a generous tip. As a prayer reminder and for future reference, you can use the restaurant’s business card to jot down the server’s name and prayer request and the date of the visit. By doing so, you will be able to ask that person how things are going on a return trip. It is a rewarding experience to see your server’s response and know that God is working in that person’s heart.

Jeanine Gower, marketing staff member
Regular Baptist Press
Schaumburg, IL