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8 Questions to Ask Deacons before They Serve

By December 29, 2008June 19th, 2014No Comments

It’s hard to know specifically what Paul meant in 1 Timothy 3:10 when he said to let the deacons “first be tested.” As a pastor, I pursued a possible application: The chairman of our leadership team and I met personally with each potential deacon prior to his placement on the ballot for the election of church officers. In addition to checking his affirmation of church membership and church commitment, we asked the potential deacon candidate the following eight questions:

1.    Are you sure of your salvation?

2.    Are you living a consecrated, committed Christian life?

3.    Do you agree with the doctrinal position of the church as expressed in the Constitution and Statement of Faith?

4.    Can you work alongside the pastor(s) and other deacons in a supportive way?

5.    Will you commit to help guard the unity and spirit of harmony among our leaders and people?

6.    Can you keep confidences?

7.    If elected, will you be faithful in attending the monthly meetings and fulfilling the given job description of a deacon?

8.    Are your wife and family supportive of your decision to consider service as a deacon?

Dr. Jim Vogel
Associate National Representative, GARBC