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11 Ways to Promote Camp in Your Church

By June 25, 2005June 19th, 2014No Comments
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Camp experiences are unique and effective opportunities for the transforming work of Christ in the lives of youth. Would you like to see young people and adults from your church make decisions for salvation and dedicate themselves to the Lord for His use? Encourage them to attend a Regular Baptist Camp, where they will be exposed to the power of God’s Word in a beautiful Christian setting. To pique their interest, consider using the following activities:

  1. Plan a special Sunday or club night when campers wear their camp shirts from past summers.
  2. Ask adults who have counseled at camp to share testimonies of their experiences.
  3. Invite a special speaker to share the camp ministry with your church.
  4. Arrange a photo bulletin board, where campers and counselors can place their personal snapshots from camp.
  5. Announce that on a specific Sunday, you will give campers a discount or cash-on-the-spot for those who register for camp.
  6. Present camp gift certificates, scholarships, shirts, or hats as awards earned through Sunday School or clubs.
  7. Encourage campers to bring their unchurched friends by offering to pay part of the camp fee for the camper who invites a friend. Offer camp scholarships to those who do not attend your church.
  8. Plan a brief dedication on Sunday for the campers and counselors from your church who will leave for camp on Monday.
  9. At your midweek prayer meeting, pray by name for the campers and counselors attending camp that week from your church.
  10. Schedule Sunday evening reports from campers and counselors who have returned from camp.
  11. Arrange for families who have never been to camp to visit the facility when camp is not in session. Call ahead to make arrangements.

(Items 1-11 reprinted with permission from the IFRBC newsletter. Minor adaptations made for Synergy.)